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Oxygen Concentrator Singapore

Rental Terms & Conditions

Company Registration No: 201537679E

Rental T&C RevR1111121

The rental of the machine is strictly for use of the customer at the customer’s premises and cannot be transferred for the use of any third party.


The customer must notify the company of any malfunction in the machine upon takeover within 24 hours, otherwise the machine will be deemed to be in normal working condition.


Rental units will be delivered to customer site as advised. Charges for special specified delivery will be charged accordingly.


The rental of the machine is commensurate from date of delivery and is computed as a fixed monthly rate.


Customer is to inform the company 7 days in advance if they intend to terminate the rental and arrange for collection of the machine by the company.


The customer is not entitled to claim from the company any unused portion of the rental of the machine upon recall of the machine by the company or the return of the machine to the company.


The machine must be returned in a hygienic condition and the company will be in charge of the disinfection of the machine. If the machine was not returned in a hygienic condition, the company charges a one time fee of $50 for cleaning of the machine.


The company will collect a reasonable sum equivalent the cost of a new unit of a machine or the pro-rated amount of a machine from the customer in the event of any damage arising from any damage to the machine arising from the customer’s fault, negligence and/or wilful recklessness or loss of the rental unit.


The first month’s rental for the machine must be payable at the time of collection of the machine.


The company is entitled to give 3 days’ notice to the customer, either by sms, whatsApp or email, to recall the rental of the machine without any compensation to the customer or refunds of any unused portion of the remaining rental period of the machine.


A refundable deposit will be collected together with the first month rental on delivery.


Upon return of the rental unit, the refundable deposit will be refunded to customer. ( If outstanding monthly rental charges are not paid, the amount will be offsetted from the refundable deposit ).


A penalty fee of 2% or min S$50.00 per month or part will be levied for any outstanding and overdue rental charges.


The company will not be liable for any injury or damages caused by and to anyone using the rental unit whether directly or indirectly.


By renting the unit, the customer is deemed to have read and understood and agreed to all terms and conditions as stated. ( A copy of which can be found on our website ).


These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of the Republic of Singapore and the company and the customer submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Singapore courts.

Oxygen Concentrator Rental


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